Project Magma

Myth II: Soulblighter v1.6


Note: The latest update to Myth II can be obtained here.
This page remains here for historical purposes only.

Myth II version 1.6 is a bugfix & enhancement update, correcting some annoying errors that slipped through the testing in 1.5.1 and adding a few new features and some modernization of the engine. 1.6 plays almost identical to 1.5.1. In fact it has a 1.5.1 compatibility mode, which is used when a 1.5.1 player is in a multiplayer game.

Version 1.6 is the first release to have native OS X Universal app along with OS X native map making tools.

The most significant changes are a modernization of the windows graphics code to allow Myth to be displayed in a window along with an option to share the CPU with other tasks when used under OS X or Windows, Myth also renders the screen at the FPS being displayed rather then the internal 30 FPS cap in previous versions.

A comprehensive list of everything changed in this update can be found here.

If you're a map maker, be sure to check out the latest guides for the updated Fear & Loathing.

Three interface plugins to use with Myth II 1.6's Interface Switcher, can be found at The Tain.


Windows Installer (12.1MB)

Mac OS X Manual Install (22.4MB)

Mac OS 9 Manual Install (16.5MB)

Myth II v1.6 Credits

David Bregman, Windows Programming
Paul Bucher, Programming & Team Leader
Andrew Sumner, TFL Programming
Alexei Svitkine, Programming

A special thanks to Graydon for the OS X Fear & Loathing icons