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Myth II Updates  
View available Myth II updates by Project Magma.

Myth II 1.8.3 Demo  
An updated demo to Myth II: Soulblighter, taking advantage of all the improvements Myth II has received throughout its lifespan. Sports four solo levels, two net maps and multiplayer capability for hours of online carnage.

Myth File Hosting Sites

Links to file hosting sites dedicated for the Myth series.

The Tain About the Tain
A file hosting archive dedicated to the "Myth" series: Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth 2: Soulblighter, and Myth 3: The Wolf Age. Myth updates, addons, plugins, and other files made by Myth fans past and present can be found there.

uDogs Hotline User Uploads
A file hosting archive typically used by Myth mapmakers (mod-makers) for their work-in-progress beta projects until they are ready to be placed on the Tain. If you can't find something on the Tain, it might be on the uDogs hotline. The User Uploads directory is a good place to start.

Myth II Addons

Special plugins which enhance the game's appearance rather than adding new playable levels.

Detail Texture Megapack Reviews
A true labour of love, Jon God's Detail Texture Megapack adds gorgeous high resolution landscape textures to a stunning number of different maps - over 450 in total! The list includes all of the Bungie maps, all of the big 3rd party total conversions like Chimera, TSG, Jinn, Green Berets, as well as hundreds of individual maps. An absolute must-have for anyone who likes detail textures.

Bungie Map Textures Reviews
(NOTE: this item has been superseded by the Detail Texture Megapack, above.) Released along with Myth II 1.7.0, the Bungie Map Textures addon is our premiere showpiece for the new Detail Texturing system. Simply place it into your plugins to add high resolution textures to all of the original Myth II solo and multiplayer maps. Experience your favorite levels as never before, in stunning high-fidelity high-resolution 24 bit glory!

Myth II Plugins

Project Magma's long list of quality plugins.

A Shattered Visage Reviews
A Shattered Visage is a team and FFA map that is very strategy oriented. It features many unique terrain elements like climbable towers and cliffs surrounding the center of the map that contribute to its great gameplay and beautiful scenery.

Blue & Grey v2 Reviews
A showcase plugin for Myth 1.4 and a massive Civil War Total Conversion with gorgeous new units, Blue & Grey is the first plugin that takes advantage of nearly all of the new mapmaking features in Myth 1.4.

Carnage Islands / Special Forces Reviews
Carnage Islands is an innovative new plugin by Ozone that makes use of the boat turning map making option new to Myth II 1.4 as well as others. If you download and install this plugin you can look forward to intense Special Forces action.

Dol Baran v2.1s Reviews
Dol Baran v2.1 is a new and improved incarnation of Sandman's classic Dol Baran desert map featuring a new solo/co-op, three 5-start FFAs and three large 2-team meshes (one of which is made specifically for Special Forces).

Frenzy of the Damned Reviews
Frenzy is a variety of hectic co-op and multiplayer maps, some ported from TFL and others newly designed.

Manistee Paintball Challenge Reviews
Manistee Paintball Challenge is a paintball Total Conversion featuring many new map making possibilities made available in Myth II 1.4.x & 1.5.x.

Mazzarin's Demise III Reviews
Far more than a mere port of the popular TFL co-op favorite, this version of Mazzarin's Demise is redone entirely from scratch, taking full advantage of Myth 1.4's new features and an army of over 2200 enemies.

Mazzarin's Demise IV Reviews
Mazzarin's Demise IV is the latest incarnation of Mazzarin's Demise for Myth II 1.4.x. Among the many new changes are more than 600 additional enemies to fight (total of 2876 on Legendary), a brand new Wraith unit, a choice of two new colormaps, and many new weapons, artifacts and attacks.

Mazzarin's Demise V Reviews
Mazzarin's Demise V serves as a showcase for what can be achieved with the Myth II 1.5.1 engine, pushing nearly every limit while maintaining rock solid stability.

Mazzarin's Demise VI Reviews
Mazzarin's Demise redone for Myth II 1.6.

Myth TFL Multiplayer Mappack Reviews
With Myth 1.5.1 now including a truly accurate TFL style gameplay option, the next obvious step was to create a truly comprehensive and faithful port of all the Myth TFL netmaps to Myth II.

Requiem of the Dead Reviews
Using many of Myth II v1.5's new map making features, Requiem of the Dead, (RotD), sports some new specials abilities, new enemies, new rewards and penalties, propellable units, inventory switching, randomized gameplay, respawning enemy, and much, much more.

Scourge of Belial Reviews
Inside Belials dark sanctuary you will confront numerous enemies, traps, and objectives which must be overcome or completed before you can move on to the final confrontation with Belial himself.

Shadow of the Mountain III Reviews
IronDuke brings new life to Project Magma's Shadow II, by porting it to Myth II 1.4. Look forward to the addictive gameplay of the original with a few surprises made possible by the new map making features of Myth II 1.4.

The Battle for Urbarahz Reviews
The Battle for Urbarahz, is an excellent ale drinking, axe swinging, highly explosive (sometimes majikal too ;-) ), and carnage filled map pack of about 6 levels you won't find anywhere else. TBU features new units, scenery, models, and, of course, colourmaps.

The Fallen Levels v2 Reviews
After working on virtual TFL (vTFL) for Myth II v1.4, and porting the TFL multiplayer maps to Myth II, we began work on porting the TFL soloplayer maps to Myth II. Every level has been ported with painstaking accuracy, including not only the secret level "A Long Awaited Drinking Party", but also the Tutorial level as well.

The Five Legends Reviews
The Five Legends is actually two plugins - one being a port of the TFL Legendary.gor and the other a similar conversion of the Myth 2 solos. Demonstrate your 1337 skills as you tackle the undead using only a handful of hero units.

The Woods Out Back Reviews
The Woods out Back takes advantage of 1.4.x's new mapmaking features, and also features 11 all new units, some new attacks, new special FX, randomization depending on difficulty settings, and destructible trees to compliment its quest style of gameplay.

Ultimate Team Battles Reviews
Using three of the most classic Badlands color-maps - Lichen Unto Death, The Great Divide and Smells Like Death- Ultimate Team Battles is a new plug-in designed for large scale Myth warfare.

Ultimate Team Battles Expansion Reviews
With 20,000 units on 50 maps, Ultimate Team Battles Expansion is perhaps the biggest mappack ever created for Myth. It contains larger armies than the original Ultimate Team Battles and brand new unit sets.

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Open Source Projects  
Various open source Myth projects

Myth II Dialog Editor  
A Java dialog editor for Myth II Soulblighter.

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Project Magma's TFL Downloads

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Work done by members prior to joining Project Magma.