Project Magma

Mazzarin's Demise VI


Mazzarin's Demise VI v.2 (86.9MB)


Project Magma proudly presents Mazzarin's Demise VI, exclusively for Myth II 1.6. Once again, the Mazzarin's Demise series redefines epic co-op gameplay. In addition to more enemies, more spells, and new special effects, this installment provides players with the most complex units yet created for Myth. Characters can gain experience, raise levels and obtain new powers to degrees far beyond those in previous Mazzarin's Demise maps - that is, if they can survive long enough. Fluid and near perfect teamwork is required for success, but for the first time, smaller teams can attempt Mazzarin's Demise through an unique system where the difficulty setting no longer changes how difficult the game is in the classic sense, but rather changes the amount of micro-management required. Also included with the plugin are an optional interface and a recommended player's guide.

The release of each new Mazzarin's Demise plugin has offered a contest for the very best of players to demonstrate their mettle. Mazzarin's Demise VI takes this to a new level with the ranking system displayed here. The road to victory is long and extremely arduous; players need to prove not only their individual skills, but an ability for teamwork beyond what has ever before been required in a Myth co-op.

When, and if, any player or players first achieve victory on all five difficulty settings, the "key" will be granted them to unlock the bonus secret level. Once all five difficulty settings are beaten, the highest scoring victor will be knighted Project Magma's Eternal Champion. For more details, please see the readme guide included with the plugin.