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Blue & Grey v2

Blue & Grey Theme (mp3)

Original composition for Project Magma's Blue & Grey project by Grasshopper.
Copyright by N. Rowland 2003.


This project began over a year ago as an extension of the two previous Civil War conversions (with the kind permission of their authors), and as Myth 1.4 progressed, it continued to grow in realism and gameplay depth. Indeed, many of the mapmaking extensions in 1.4 were inspired by this project.

The end result is an intense Myth experience unlike any other as you're plunged into the desperate brutality of war in 1860s America.

Blue & Grey features a solo, eight netmaps, four different colormaps, and many all-new units, artwork and sounds.

Learn more about the different units included in Blue & Grey by checking out the Blue & Grey Manual

Screenshots (Click on image to enlarge)

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