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The Woods out Back


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Finally when the Kingdom of Kirathia joined in the conflict, the siege of Traventon was broken and its dread attackers sent into a retreat. With that victory the advance of the dead armies was finally put to a halt and, in disarray, the dark legions fled towards their homeland, harried all the way by the victorious Alliance."

The Woods out Back provides some unique challenges for the player. You control the story's heroes, Midael, Kerubiel, and Plesithea as you find yourselves in enemy territory with you're army scattered and confused by Belials evil magic.

Your goals are simple, find and collect your scattered army as you clear the confusion from their eyes, then destroy the defenses surrounding Belial as you work your way to Belials Keep for the final confrontation against this Abomination.

Be wary though, as the woods are full of dangers with Belial's Dark Minions and his right hand man, Rahab also searching the woods to destroy what remains of you're army as well as you're heroes.

The Woods out Back takes advantage of 1.4.x's new mapmaking features, and also features 11 all new units, some new attacks, new special FX, randomization depending on difficulty settings, and destructible trees to compliment its quest style of gameplay.

Can you finish what was started when the siege of Traventon was broken and Belial with his Dark Minions were sent into a retreat?

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