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Ultimate Team Battles

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Ultimate Team Battles


Ultimate Team Battles (25.1MB)


Using three of the most classic Badlands color-maps - "Lichen Unto Death", "The Great Divide", and "Smells Like Death" - "Ultimate Team Battles" is a new plug-in designed for large scale Myth warfare. Some of the new optional features to be found are handicap settings and team trading capability for the LvD style meshes, as well as reinforcement settings for a few of the "Ultra" style meshes. Each of the eighteen meshes contains insanely massive armies of some of the most unique unit-sets ever devised. The variants include:

  • Myth 2 units and physics vs. TFL units and physics (light)
  • Myth 2 units and physics vs. TFL units and physics (dark)
  • Light vs. Dark
  • Good vs. Evil
  • Soulblighter's Revenge (Good vs. Evil dark)
  • Ultra Light
  • Ultra Dark
  • Ultra Violent
  • Sluglords


    • The Myth 2 vs. TFL variants will result in very unbalanced games if vTFL is not turned on. vTFL is recommended in general for much better balance on all the meshes.
    • This plug-in is not intended for 1 on 1 battles or for players who have trouble adapting to intense new strategies and tactics.
    • Some meshes may only work under Myth II 1.5.


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