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Shadow of the Mountain III


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Shadow of the Mountain was always one of the more popular TFL levels, noted for the randomization of its orderly attack waves and its feeling of desperation it gave as you clung to your hilltop defence. Magma's Shadow II TFL plugin took that to a new level of challenge with its more numerous and tougher enemies. Shadow III has picked up where II left off, starting as a simple port that I expected to take a couple of weeks but growing into something that months later is a whole lot more than I ever imagined.

The "standard" mesh can be played either in straight myth 2 mode or vTFL. It has a lot of enemies and tough AI, including enemy archers and dwarves that not only far outrange yours, but also dodge your arrows. The journeyman can use the Watcher's arm to take down whole waves of undead, provided you time it right. But Shadow III doesn't stop there.

Included are special meshes for the Blue & Grey v2, Bushido Units, Leggo III, Special Forces and Seventh God tagsets, all optimized for each of their unique styles of gameplay, and all very tough to beat. To help inexperienced captains, each mesh features an auto-distribute script, activated if you taunt a unit within the first ten seconds.

We've had a lot of fun making and testing this, and hope you enjoy its insane difficulty and replayability as much as we do :-)

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