Project Magma

Past Work

This page has been put together to act as a home for many of the Myth II Plugins that Magma members have contributed to before actually joining Magma. In many cases they were created under the banner of other map making groups. It isn't our intention to claim them as our own. Rather we hope that by making them available here, they'll get played a bit more, and make Myth a little more interesting. Check back often as we're still updating this page.

A Cold Winter's Night

By - GHOST® This map is not for the meek or faint of heart. It is hard, and is meant to be a challenge, even to the best of veteran Myth players. This plugin features solo-coop as well as a multiplayer map, 19 different units, and some scripting surprises you won't soon forget.


Arena v2

By - ozone A WWII plugin with 7 meshes taking place in an arena.


The Blizzard of Oz

By - ozone The Blizzard of Oz is the first WWII map to include WWII soldiers and regular Myth II units on the same mesh. It also features tank warfare Russian style... The 1941 German assault on the snowy terrain around Stalingrad was one of the epic theatres in WWII to feature tank vs. tank. The swift German Panzers and enormous Tigers faced off against Soviet T-85's in a combination of hit and run and entrenched artillery battles. The bitter winter snow was familiar terrain for the Soviet armor, but was a shock to the German infantry and mechanized cavalry. Even so, the deaths on both sides due to the frigid conditions gave rise to the joke that the deadliest soldier in this theatre was "General Winter".


Bridges Between Us

By - ozone A WWII plugin featuring 5 different meshes with difficulty dependant unit selections.


The Camp

By - ozone & GHOST® WW2 Multiplayer and Solo Map

After the carnage all we wanted to do was rest.... But there was no time for rest. A call had just come over the radio that prisoners of war were being held in a large camp just north of the Baron Canal. Being so close, we had to take action. Cozmo's party was to meet us at a clearing due south of the Camp. With only 12 of us, were gonna need some luck :)


Darkest Before Dawn / In the Mouth of Madness

By - GHOST® This map was created under the following premise: Help Alric seek out and aquire Balmung then fight your way thru The Summoners advancing Legion`s and destroy him before he can escape into the North, North-Eastern caves.


The Ephor of Myrgard

By - IronDuke (Smiths of Muirthemne) The Ephor of Madness enacts the fall of Myrgard to the ghols, an event that occurred shortly after Muirthemne was razed by Balor.

As playing the losing side would not be fun, you control dark forces as they seek to smash the citadel at the heart of Myrgard and kill the Ephor, the ruler of the city. At the head of your army is the legendary Fang-Grinder, plus you control ghols, ghol shamans, pack-leaders, fetch, myrmidons and soulless.

TFL physics, pathfinding and units are used throughout, as are the original cave models from Sons of Myrgard. The look and feel of the dwarven city as we imagine it has been faithfully replicated, right down to new ambient sounds and flavour texts.


The Journey Continues

By - GHOST® This map was an experiment in map making gone seriously overboard. I have managed to overload Loathing on numerous occasions, and have spent the past few months working ferverishly with new friends, burning the midnight oil (literally), to get this "experiment", completed and running as intended.

You can look forward to: A HUGE Mesh to play on. 2304 X 1536, Well stocked with your favorite, and some not so favorite monsters, Random monster generation, And much more that I think will keep you entertained and playing `til you beat it.


Loathing MIA Fix

By - GHOST® Okay here is the problem you have just installed the Myth II tools or you have just opened up Loathing as you always do and your Loathing is M.I.A.

First things first, reinstalling Myth II will not work so don't waste your time.

What has happened is some how the Registry Entries telling Windows where to open the Loathing Windows have gone west, pardon the pun.

To remedy this situation, just double-click the Loathing Register.reg file included, and it will reset the Register for Loathings Windows Positions so that they appear on your screen.

Since this is a Windows issue, MAC users need not worry nor have any use for this file.



By - IronDuke & Smiths of Muirthemne This two level mini-campaign begins with the 7th Legion's arrival at the plain of Scales, deep in enemy territory. Their only hope of success was in the element of surprise, for their force numbered less than that of Cruniac's, which had just been decimated by Soulblighter.

The levels abound with a unique and oppressive atmosphere as the story unfolds before your eyes. The fighting is amongst the toughest you'll face as you switch from desperate defence to frantic pursuit, to cautious attack and final confrontation.


Path of the Damned

By - True Peril (Smiths of Muirthemne) Path of the Damned is a solo set on the mesh of 'Down a Broken Path,' and is Teepens' first complete map (including the best mono-instrumental music you'll hear!) that he made in late 2000. It involves you going down the same path previously trekked, with new surprises at every corner. This map includes various numbers of enemies (from 200 to 500 depending on difficulty), a bio-degrader, a storyline set in the Unfought Battles of Myth II (UBoM2) theme, and some pretty heavy scripting for the time it was made (over 400 Map Actions). This is a hard map when played on the highest difficulty, as an objective in the map is to always keep all the starting ten soldiers alive throughout the entire game; no more are ever passed out, and they're key for this 'possible' storyline, after The Summoner, to continue on.



By - Haravikk Armies clash again upon the epic landscapes of the world where light and dark struggled for control. Who will win? Now you and your friends decide.

Twenty five multiplayer meshes on twenty five awesome maps with varied gameplay and a wide range of unit combinations. All in one small plugin.


Red River

By - ozone Red River is the sixth offical Santa Sanctioned WW2 Map. It is the first sanctioned map to incorporate new WW2 units, which I hope you enjoy. It is my first map attempt.

There are two new units.

K-9 Scout. Based on the wolf unit, the K-9 scout has a weak attack and little health compared to a soldier, but can move quickly, and often invisibly to locate enemy units, capture flags, and even attack unprotected soldiers. For more information on the use of dogs in WWII, read the end of the readme.txt.

Rifle Grenadiers. A modification of the WW2 Units, these soldiers fire rifle propelled grenades as their special attack, and are limited to 50 regular rounds. You can pick up more rifle grenades from around the map and use them. You start out with 15, and fire them using the Special Attack key (T). For more information on the use of rifle grenades in WWII, read the end of the readme.txt.


By - ozone A 4 mesh plugin making use of the titans unit plugin.



By - GHOST® (Deathwhore originally) A 2-5 person multiplayer map originally featured in the Myth II Handbook, and compiled into a downloadable plugin by GHOST.


Swamp of the Damned v1.3

By - TJ & GHOST® (Creation) Swamp of the Damned is a solo project that takes place on a swamp based map. Be prepared for long games in most cases and a good number of enemies to die at your hands. Also be prepared for more randomized gameplay like you encountered in 500 poisons. How complicated the map feels depends on where you go and how you approach it's gameplay. It does get more difficult with higher settings so if you feel it's OMG easy on timid you should probably jump up a few levels and die there a couple times before yous start whining about it being to easy.


Throne of the Lich King

By - Khellek, GHOST® & lank If you like hack and slash bloodbaths, this map is NOT for you. The Lich King's crypt is full of puzzles and traps for the unwary. A casual stroll through it's halls will bring swift and sudden death. You must be keen of sight and hearing and you must pay attention to your surroundings to gather the clues that will lead you through the seemingly "impossible" situations you will face. Acerak is counting on your frustration to turn it against you. However, you can turn the traps and even the monsters on Lich King, but only if you are of superior intelligence. Welcome to the Throne of the Lich King. Please try to enjoy your stay, for in all probability, it will be an eternal one.


Trenches of Reason

By - ozone This map was designed as a 2 team map with a center area for intense combat. The bunkers, trenches and high walls are great for hiding and getting out of the way of on coming bullets. The battle sometimes gets crazy so there are alot of heals spred out all over map. I also included Patrol and Elimination varients and a 2 team map that uses a set number of Heavy Machine Gunners/Naders, RPGers/Miners, Shotgun/Healers, FlameThowers/Smokers per difficulty level just for kicks...

Weapons- on 2 team, Patrol and Elimination normal game setting is rpgs, nades and some smokenades, heroic adds mines and flamers with flaks and hmg added on legendary.


Twice Reborn

By - GHOST® This remake of Bungie`s Twice Born, is my attempt to fulfill David Bowman`s original *vision for this level.

  1. If playing Solo: the level will play as it always has. Absolutley nothing will be different, other than the PreGame Screen and Text.
  2. If playing 2 Player C0-0P: the Host will get Alrics Team and 2 Dorfs, the 2nd player will get control of the SE Team and a Dorf. Beyond that, the level will play out as the Solo
  3. If playing 3 Player C0-0P: the Host will get Alrics Team and a Dorf, the 2nd player will get control of the SE Team and a Dorf, the 3rd player will get control of the SW Team and a Dorf. Beyond that, the level will play out as the Solo.
  4. An extra challenge for you Uber C0-0P Mythers out there, and an excuse for me to use / add Myrmidons, and some other fodder for your playing enjoyment.......
    • If playing 2 or more player C0-0P, on Legendary difficulty, have Alric "TaunT" within 30 seconds of Re-Borns start.
    • A distinct sound will notify you if you have done it in time and / or correctly.
  5. Teams are given according to the Order they Joined the game, with the Host always starting with Team 1, Alrics Team; the 2nd player to Join gets the SE Team; the 3rd player to Join gets the SW Team
  6. If more than 3 players join, Team Captains will have to hand out units to the extra players. IE: Players 4-16.

Urban Recon

By - ozone and Dozer There are 7 different multi player meshes and a CTF Co-op mesh where you and your friends take on an ARMY of A.I. in a game of CTF . Included are your normal S2, S4, patrol, eilimination and ive added a couple special meshes that i think youll all enjoy alot. A mercenary elimitation and patrol which is like the normal games but with a new unit that is faster, stronger and carries a shotgun as its main arcenal. This unit can also pick up rpgs and use them like the normal soldier.

Also included is a Carnage varient with Choppers, Tanks, Special Cannons and the Mercenary Units. Well i hope everyone enjoys Urban Recon..I know i do...


Wabe in the Gimble

By - GHOST® This is a single player death-match variant of Gimble in the Wabe, allowing you to choose 1 of 4 start positions and have the enemy fight you for control of the flag

This plugin has some interesting features such as choosing starting locations, and AI controlling units on simple difficulty. It's highly recommended you take the time to read the reame included.


War is Hell

By - ozone An exciting and innovative co-op and multiplayer WW2 maps featuring 5 meshes, and lots of replayability.


By - ozone WWII's answer to dorf riot.