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Myth II: Soulblighter Patch 1.5.1

Myth II: Soulblighter 1.5.1


Note: The latest update to Myth II can be obtained here.
This page remains here for historical purposes only.

Myth II version 1.5.1 began as a bugfix update, correcting some annoying errors that slipped through the testing in 1.5.0. As it generally happens, new ideas were proposed and some excellent new features were added. What started as a two-month development project became more than six months, but we believe the results are well worth it.

Gameplay is very similar to 1.5.0. Some of the remaining quirks such as "journeyman double-healing" and "archer moonwalking" have been addressed, but otherwise we have left gameplay alone.

The most significant benefits comes from OpenGL rendering on Windows, which eliminates the problems with flickering cursors and rendering/input lag on certain hardware that have plagued Myth II since its release, along with the new Autohost feature and the ability to use non-Qwerty keyboard layouts on the Mac.

A comprehensive list of everything changed in this update can be found in the Read Me.

Accompanying this release is an updated version of Windows Mapmaking Tools and Loathing 1.5.1 which for the first time can run on Mac OS X, along with modified documentation including 1.4, 1.5, and 1.5.1 mapmaking enhancements. All the new tools are included with the main downloads. If you have any mapmaking questions concerning these new tools, please feel free to ask on our Forums.

Please note that Myth II version 1.5.1 is not compatible with previous incarnations of Myth II.

Happy Downloading :)


Windows (Auto Installer - 11.8MB)

Mac OS X (Auto Installer - 16.9MB)

Mac OS 9 / Mac OS X (Manual Install Package - 15.3MB)