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Requiem of the Dead


Requiem of the Dead


Requiem of the Dead


"Why Mazzarin could not divine his own future with clarity will be forever unknown, but perhaps he glimpsed the torment and shadows that awaited, for he began to gather a band of champions, gifting them with artifacts magical and of strange technologies not yet devised. He warned them soon the day of their greatest battle would be at hand, when they would face legions for which death had no hold."

Requiem of the Dead is a small glimpse into some of the "torment and shadows" that awaits Mazzarin in his recurring nightmares. Join him now as he wrestles this night with his subconcious demons in an attempt to once again defeat The Watcher.

Using many of Myth II v1.5's new map making features, Requiem of the Dead, (RotD), sports some new specials abilities, new enemies, new rewards and penalties, propellable units, inventory switching, randomized gameplay, respawning enemy, and much, much more.

Everything has been touched on and cleaned up or improved where ever possible with added options from the ability to remove unwanted units at the games start, to giving the enemy added XP if you find you need a further dose of challenge.

RotD is a small example of how much further a mapmaker can take his/her projects. Even with all that RotD has, it still hasnt hit upon any of the new higher limits available now because of MII v1.5.


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