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Manistee Paintball Challenge


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MPC takes full advantage of many of the new features implemented by Myth II v1.4.

Some features include::

Co-op & Multiplayer Game Play
  1. Highly Randomized Solo/Cooperative-Play Map.

    1. Timid-Normal: Should provide a good challenge for the novice up thru to experienced Myth players.
    2. Heroic-Legendary: More suited for cOOperative play with multiple friends, or the rare masochist amongst us.

  2. Multi-Play Maps

    1. MPC C.T.F. Multi Play: Two Team version of the Solo Map.
    2. MPC Center Flag Multi Play: 1 of 3 random flags appear in the Map's center, be the first to capture it and take it to your opponent's base.
    3. Modified Terries: More difficult-to-control flags garner more points.
    4. Modified LMoTH: Be the Last Man to control 2 flags within the attack range of each other at games end.
    5. Modified Assassin: Assassin units are uncontrollable, but they will follow you no matter where you go.
    6. Also includes: Flag Rally, Captures, KoTH, and Hunting.

Five All New Units

  1. Pistol-Suicider: Shoots slowly, moves quickly and will charge at twice his normal speed to detonate his paint onto opponents.

  2. Pump Sniper: Shoots faster, longer, and more accurately than Pistol-Suicider.

  3. Semi Auto: Fires 2 shot bursts. Less accurate, shorter ranged, and slower moving than Pump Snipers, they make up for it with the volumes of paint they spray and pray with.

  4. Paintball `zOOka: Slowest of the units due to the tremendous amount of paint lugged around, they are capable of eliminating multiple units in a single shot. They can also launch paint grenades RPG style to help soften up the opponents.

  5. Paintball Referee: Ambient life in the Solo/Cooperative-Play map, Hunted unit in Hunting, Assassin unit in Assassin.

  6. All units are able to crouch which not only reduces the size of their selection box, it makes for a smaller target to hit.

Realistic Paintball Physics & Gameplay

  1. Paintballs: Paintballs have a slight arc and have been known to bounce off of players and landscape.

  2. Paint Grenades: Avoid the paint that bursts forth and stay in the game. If not, you'll be on the sidelines before you can say "Unit Eliminated."

  3. Landscape: Landscape can be used to great advantage, ducking behind shallow rises, into shallow water, or snug up to trees, can deflect paint grenade paint and paintballs from eliminating your units.

  4. Cheaters: All MPCs Maps have been set up to replicate the occasional "wiper". Causing a random injured unit(s) to turn away from the action and wipe off any damage taken.

  5. 3 Shots and "You're OUT!": Other than cheating, there is no healing in paintball. 3 hits by paintballs will eliminate a unit from play.

  6. True C.T.F. Style Gameplay: Not only do you have to capture your opponent's flag while defending your own, but you also must return with it to your base.

  7. Center-Flag: Center Flag requires you to capture 1 of 3 randomly revealed flags in the center of the map and take it thru / around your opponents to their base.

  8. Ambient FX:

    1. Flowing water. Taking what I learned from Silicon Dream back in my days at CreationGames™ I've managed to come up with my own version of flowing water.
    2. Trees have transparent tops thus providing the Tree look, but also allowing players to see thru them to their units below.
    3. Ambient Wasp Hives.
This and much more awaits you on the playing field of the Manistee Paintball Challenge.

Screenshots (Click on image to enlarge)
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