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Carnage Islands


Carnage Islands / Special Forces


This download contains Carnage Island and the Special Forces Unit Plug that Ive been toying with for some time now. Lately Ive been toying with it less and less, so thought I may as well release it now before it never sees the light of day. Ive also got a few maps that work with this Plug, the first one is Carnage Islands and can be found along with this download, others may or may not work with it. This plug-in is no way is ment to represent reality. Ive made it to be fun and I think Ive accomplished that much at least.

This Plug-In takes advantage of the many enhancements in the 1.4 versions of myth 2: soulblighter. Boats were not possible before Patch 1.4 as they would get stuck on land when pushed to close to it by another unit. They wouldnt leave ripples in the water either,now they do. With Patch 1.4 I was able to create mellee attacks that worked when you want them to work meaning if you fell like stabbing an enemy instead of shooting at them simply shift/ctrl click on them and your unit will do some mean mellee on them enemies, some may even run to attack. Before Patch 1.4 the ability to play solo levels using a unit plug-in through "NEW GAME" wasnt possible, now it is. So download and enjoy...or dont...either way, Ive had a blast making it and testing it along the way. So here it is...

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