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CoOperative Tournament

"Men of bravery and warriors of renown I summon you! The first team CoOperative Tournament is here! Sharpen your swords, fill your quivers, and prepare your most devastating spells to join the battle against the Dark on three Myth II levels: Two classics that you know and you love plus a new tournament edition of a recently released great map.

For more info visit then gather and register your unstoppable team on tourney dedicated forum.

29 Nov 2006 by Doobie

Myth II Dialog Editor Released!

Tired of editing Myth II dialog tag files in a hex editor? Ever wanted to add new controls to existing dialogs? Or to take a peek at what's stored in Myth II dialog tag files?

Well, now you can!

Announcing the all new Myth II Dialog Editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux, brought to you exclusively by Project Magma.

26 Oct 2006 by Doobie

The Onyx Warlords Mapmakers present: Grave Tidings!

The Onyx Warlords Mapmakers present: Grave Tidings!

Set during the Great War, Grave Tidings pits your small force of determined men of the Legion against a seemingly endless horde of the Dark. Hold the hill and protect the messenger, for he carries news that could decide the fate of the West and shape the course of the war.

Grave Tidings requires Myth II 1.6 to play.

24 Oct 2006 by Doobie

Mazzarin's Demise VI Released

Project Magma is proud to announce the release of the latest rendition of the Mazz series: Mazzarin's Demise VI, exclusively for Myth II 1.6. Once again, the Mazzarin's Demise series redefines epic co-op gameplay. In addition to more enemies, more spells, and new special effects, this installment provides players with the most complex units yet created for Myth. Characters can gain experience, raise levels and obtain new powers to degrees far beyond those in previous Mazzarin's Demise maps - that is, if they can survive long enough.

Also included with the plugin are an optional interface and a recommended player's guide.

As with previous Mazz releases, a contest to be the first to beat this monstrosity has been launched. The road to victory is long and extremely arduous. For more details check out the download page.

16 Sep 2006 by Doobie

Myth II 1.6 Public Beta

Project Magma is proud to announce the public beta of Myth II 1.6. This update includes a MacOS X Universal version, the ability to run in a window under Windows 2000/XP, MacOS X native versions of Bungie’s Fear & Loathing tools, and the ability to share the CPU with other processes by capping the frame rate. Myth II 1.6 includes a 1.5.1 compatibility mode allowing online game play with both versions in a single game. There are too many bug fixes to mention.

This is a final quality release that is being released as a beta so as to allow for more widespread testing and public comment before it’s called complete. Post comments and feedback at our forum.

Get your copy at

16 Sep 2006 by Doobie

Project Magma v2.0

Welcome to the version 2 of the Project Magma website! We have redesigned our websites to make the website more easy to navigate and have created a cleaner look. Since many files are now localized, loading times should be noticably faster!

If you experience any problems, please report it to our admins. We appreciate your patience as we make this transition.

Note: Download section is still in progress.

27 Jul 2006 by StoneCold

Ultimate Team Battles Expansion Pack Released!

ProjectMagma is proud to announce the release of our latest Myth II Plugin; Ultimate Team Battles Expansion Pack.

With 20,000 units on 50 maps, Ultimate Team Battles Expansion is perhaps the biggest mappack ever created for Myth. It contains larger armies than the original Ultimate Team Battles and brand new unit sets.

For more information, check out the downloads page.

17 Jan 2006 by Doobie

Mazzarin's Demise V Released!

Project Magma presents Mazzarin’s Demise V for Myth II 1.5.1. Designed by ChrisP and Jagman.

The most epic map ever created for Myth, Mazzarin’s Demise V takes co-op game-play to a whole new level. It features brand new units by 3D modeling and animation master Khellek, a massive army of up to 6,000 enemies, dazzling new special effects, scores of new spells and weapons to master, virtually unparalleled levels of complexity, game-play depth, re-playability, and so much more. Mazzarin’s Demise V serves as a showcase for what can be achieved with the Myth II 1.5.1 engine, pushing nearly every limit while maintaining rock solid stability.

For details regarding the contest for the first team to beat Mazzarin’s Demise on Heroic difficulty, please see the read-me file accompanying the download.

04 Sep 2005 by Doobie

Requiem of the Dead Final Released

At long last, the final version of Requiem of the Dead has been released. Make sure to get the latest release to take advantage of all the bug fixes and new features.

Happy downloading,

31 Aug 2005 by Doobie

Frenzy Released!

After months of constant development and testing, followed by more months of gather dust on my HD, I've finally completed this, my last contribution to Myth.

Details, download links and so on may be found here. Enjoy, HF, GGs all :)

20 Aug 2005 by IronDuke

Ultimate Team Battles Released for Myth II

Project Magma Presents…


The fourth plugin for Myth II by ChrisP, author of the Mazzarin’s Demise series and the TFL Multipack, designed for Myth II 1.5.1 and vTFL, ‘Ultimate Team Battles’ is a map pack featuring 45 multiplayer maps, including 28 team maps and 17 free-for-alls. Each map contains a massive number of units, allowing for some truly epic battles. Featured with permission are “ultimate” versions of Badland’s classic meshes, ‘Lichen unto Death’, ‘Smells like Death in Here’, and ‘The Great Divide’. On these Badland’s maps, you’ll find unique “LvD” style armies with unit sets such as “Light vs. Dark”, “Good vs. Evil”, “Soulblighter’s Revenge” and “M2 units and physics vs. TFL units and physics”.

Also featured are “ultimate” ports of Clan Bear’s TFL maps ‘Garden of Good and Evil’ and ‘Death in Beggar’s Canyon (slugfest)’ from one of the most classic plugins of all time: ‘Unity 2’.

If that’s not enough, also included are ports of Magma’s classic TFL maps, ‘Grind in the Wabe’, ‘Strife on the Plains’, ‘Grounds for Assault’, and ‘The Haunted Lands’. Finally, all the standard Myth 2 multiplayer maps have been redone with ‘ultimate’ armies.

After downloading, please review the attached readme for important additional information.

04 Jul 2005 by Doobie

ProjectMagma Releases Myth II 1.5.1

Project Magma is proud to announce a new update and demo of Bungie's classic addictive real-time tactical game, Myth II: Soulblighter. The update, version 1.5.1, builds on the already-excellent gameplay of the classic title by adding new features and fixing long standing bugs, rendering the Myth experience that much more enjoyable. Along with the update, comes a new demo that takes advantage of all the improvements Myth II has received throughout its lifespan, and sporting two solo levels and multiplayer capability for hours of online carnage.

What's New:

  • Native support for modern hardware, higher resolutions, and graphics acceleration via OpenGL (available for the first time under Windows) and DirectX, while still catering for legacy systems.
  • Numerous bug fixes eliminating many causes of crashing and Out of Sync errors, resulting in the smoothest and most enjoyable Myth experience ever.
  • A new Autohost feature, allowing automatic hosting of a playlist of maps in multiplayer.
  • The ability to view the currently active plugins in multiplayer games.
  • New mapmaking enhancements to allow for even more creative variations of gameplay in 3rd party add-ons.

A comprehensive list of everything changed in this update can be found in the Read Me.

Accompanying this release, and included in the downloads, are updated versions of Windows Mapmaking Tools and Loathing 1.5.1 (which for the first time can run on Mac OS X). All the new tools are included with the main downloads. If you have any mapmaking questions concerning these new tools, please feel free to ask on our Forums.

Get the new Myth II 1.5.1 Update Now!
Find our more about Myth II and get the new Demo Now!

29 Mar 2005 by Doobie