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Rocket Dorf Fest!! ~ v5 is here!

Baak writes:

16 months after the release of RDF v3 (with 300+ downloads in the final days of The Mill), RDF v5 is a fine-tuned total transformation of Myth, filled with incredible detail and hilarious fun! RDF v5 painstakingly converts 387 third-party units, making it the most versatile conversion yet - playable on TONS of popular third-party maps including WWII, Wild West, Alien Dark Tide and more!

Gameplay has been meticulously tightened in a span of 800+ games to bring you the best possible (and most challenging) RDF combat experience ever! With the addition of RD and Giant Heroes, Giant Water Spiders, new attacks and MUCH more, you'll enjoy playing RDF again and again!


You get the complete RDF unit conversion plugins including: Regular Rocket Dorfs, Rocket Dorf Giants, RD Heroes, Giant Heroes, Minis, Mondos, T-Ghôls, 2Pus T-Ghôls, Mini T-Ghôls, Giant Water Spiders, new attacks, surprises and more! You'll laugh out loud and have more fun than you've had in a long, long time!

Find out how to GET RDF v5 NOW!! >>>

20 Nov 2004 by Doobie

MythChat Released!

Capital Writes:

"After years of time... wallowing in the stockades... Barking, Howling, Spamming and Jeering, Myth Chat, a version 1.0, has been released. But what is it? Well here to tell us is the big definition book from the Word of the Day (WotD) series:

Main Entry: Myth Chat
Pronunciation: "Miff C'hat"
Function: Et Tu connect to a Myff Server.
Etymology: North Highlands by way of ActiveX, passed down to inland folk, unto the mare de capa capri, wherein it fell into the hands of a bastard child of the queen's Arch Vice Roi Thomas of Loraine, who feasted upon brussel sprouts covered in Crisco, and there upon was delivered on the steps of the Cath Bruig Feng Shui Officer of the principality of an otherwise known entry in the lower 48 les etats unis.

definition 1 Myth Chat: A java-based, platform independent program that allows easy access to connect to MariusNET based server, or similar.

definition 2 Myth Chat: Download MythChat here.

05 Sep 2004 by Doobie

Leix Herald 2nd Edition

You've got to wonder at the lack of government censureship these days. I mean, that's why you yankees elected Dubya wasn't it?

Anyway, Quartermann tells me that the 2nd edition is out and can be downloaded from HERE. Chock full of subversive rhetoric disguised as humour, intellectual discussion and pictures of Keira Knightley this edition will finally reveal the true hiding place of Saddam's WMD. Yes, and I always wondered why the outhouse in Willow Creek blew up like it did.

Its a good 50mb download, but its pretty funny stuff & worth checking out. Oh, and Q also says that you shouldn't download/read this unless you're old/mature enough to read Playboy. I guess thats how he evaded the government censors.

31 Aug 2004 by IronDuke

Five Legends Released

One of the lesser known of several Magma projects, this is both a port of the original TFL plugin and a similar conversion of the Myth II solo levels.

These explore the question of what the other solo levels would have been like if all you had were a journeyman, a dwarf hero, an archer hero and two berserk heroes. The answer is ... compelling enjoyment, where battles are won through skilled micro-management and the smallest mistake can spell disaster.

The original TFL plugin was very popular back in the day, and we hope you'll enjoy its reincarnation under Myth II, which can be downloaded here.

Edit: I've also fixed the download links for Dol Baran. Thanks to Elfoid for letting me know the download wasn't working.

Edit #2: It seems the Five Legends TFL plugin was corrupted & none of the meshes load :( I've just uploaded a new version of the ZIP that works - sorry for the inconvenience.

20 Jul 2004 by IronDuke

Myth III Development Starts Anew!

After putting many long hours and sweat into Myth II 1.5 we are proud to announce the slow beginning of Myth III development. There is a new build and other details posted over at the Myth III project page. In the beginning we are going to focus on getting Vengeance or a new map making tool working so map makers can start on new maps for Myth III. In the mean time post your wishes and bugs using the linking on the Myth III project page.

22 May 2004 by Doobie

Myth II 1.5 Final Candidate Released!

The Myth II 1.5 Final Candidate is ready for it's final public test before it's official release.

This update addresses bugs found in Public Beta #2 and adds a few minor enhancements. This is in addition to the bug fixes and innovative interface enhancements introduced in Public Betas 1 and 2.

We plan on a final release in the very very near future, unless there are bugs found that require fixing. It is vital that any problems you find are reported to bug tracker as soon as possible, because we plan to follow up with the final in the next 7 days or so. If you have any questions please feel free to visit our Forums.

Please note that the 1.5 final candidate is not compatible with 1.4.x or 1.5 Public Beta 1/2. 1.4.x & 1.5 PB 1/2 games will appear red and vice versa.

Finally: Thanks to all the players & testers who posted bug reports and/or films. Without everyone?s effort 1.5 would not be as polished as it is. Also a special thanks to Acheron for his persistent bug reporting and for going along with the easter egg in PB#2.

22 May 2004 by Doobie

Update - The Battle for Urbarahz

A whole slew of new screenshots have replaced the old ones on the Urbarahz project page for your viewing pleasure. At the same time, I am pleased to announce that The Battle for Urbarahz will be ready for release in just a few months now; no confirmable date, however, can be set as of yet.

The screenshots are availabe here for you.

20 May 2004 by teepens

Magma Enters MWC 2004!

If you've ever wanted a chance to pwn the authors of patch 1.5 for Myth II, now's your chance because Project Magma is entering a team in MWC 2004!

For those of you who haven't heard yet...

Myth World Cup is being held again this year and registration is still open, so dust off your Myth II: Soulblighter CD, put together a team, and register at for a chance at the $1000 grand prize!

Hope to see you on the Battlefield,

20 May 2004 by Doobie

TFV Demo Released!

The much anticipated and long awaited 'The Fallen's Vengeance Demo' is ready for playing. An HTML Read-Me gives some story background information, character information, and info on how to use the 'Extras' items! The Demo includes 3 single player maps, and 2 all new Multiplayer maps for your gaming pleasure. The Team Developers most kindly thank those that helped out, including several members from Project Magma, and we also thank them for hosting the file for download while our webhost sorts some issues out and gets the website back online.

Good luck and Have fun!

The Fallen's Vengeance Demo

18 May 2004 by Doobie

Myth II 1.5 Public Beta #2 Released!

Finally, after another month of hard labour, sweating blood, burning midnight oil and using tired cliches, Myth II 1.5 Public Beta #2 is ready for the mything community to run it through the ringer.

This update addresses bugs found in Public Beta #1 and adds a few final enhancements. This, in addition to the bug fixes and inovative interface enhancements introduced in Public Beta #1. For mapmakers, 1.5 offers a slew of enhancements that will have your eyes popping and your imaginations in overdrive.

Most importantly though, is that this plays well. We plan on a final release in late May, unless there are bugs found that require another beta cycle. It is vital that any problems you find are reported to us (use the Bug tracker) as soon as possible to ensure that they are addressed. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on our Forums.

Please note that 1.5 is not compatible with 1.4.x or 1.5 Public Beta #1. 1.4.x & 1.5 PB#1 games will appear red and vice versa. A full list of the changes from 1.4.4 to the present beta are listed Here. For a list of only what's changed between Myth II 1.5 Public Beta #1 and PB#2, click Here.

04 May 2004 by Doobie

Myth 2 1.5 Public Beta #1

Finally, after months of hard labour, sweating blood, burning midnight oil and ... you can read the rest on the Myth 2 1.5 Project Page. In short, the beta is now public and ready to be run through the mill of a thousand Raid and Recon games.

As you'd expect with a beta, we're very interested in hearing about any bugs you might find, but most of all we'd like to see the update adopted now and played heavily. We expect to release a second beta in a few weeks, followed by the final 1.5 release in early May.

This update includes bugfixes, platform compatibility updates for both Windows and Macintosh, plus some groundbreaking enhancements for mapmakers. It has been tested privately since early January and we believe that, even as a beta, it plays exceptionally well. It is not compatible with 1.4.4 so we recommend that players update now rather than waiting till 1.5 is final.

So ... download, install, and play Myth!

07 Apr 2004 by IronDuke

Magma Website Updated and new Myth patches!

As you can tell, we have revamped Aside from a new look, it also features a new forum, and new bug/wish lists for many of our current projects allowing you to share your thoughts and concerns with the authors.

Speaking of current projects, we're proud to announce that Project Magma is working on updates for all three games in the Myth series, with a public beta for Myth II just around the corner.

Check back often to find out when the public beta will start,

20 Mar 2004 by Doobie

Mazz IV Winning Film Review Posted

The film of the first team to beat Mazzarin's Demise IV on legendary difficulty has been posted along with a synopsis by one of the main contributors of the plugin, ChrisP.

Congrats on a well earned win guys,

29 Jan 2004 by Doobie

Avon's Hope Released!

The first ever fan movie for the Myth Series has been released, and it's ProjectMagma's pleasure to host the Quicktime movie for download along with You can learn more about "Avon's Hope" over at their website.

07 Jan 2004 by Doobie

Weapons of Mazz Destruction

Project Magma announces the release of Mazzarin’s Demise IV For Myth 2 1.4.x. Among the many new changes are more than 600 additional enemies to fight (total of 2876 on Legendary – once again, setting a new record for Myth), a brand new Wraith unit, a choice of two new colormaps, a completely rewritten script, improved vetting permutations, and many new weapons, artifacts and attacks.

The first team to win Mazzarin’s Demise IV on Legendary difficulty will have their film permanently posted at along with stats and a brief overview of how they accomplished the feat.

06 Jan 2004 by Doobie

Ringing in the New Year

*ring ring*

Whooooo! Happy New Year!

Well, at the least, in another nine hours if you are on the west coast o' North America. :P

Happy New Year for all of over in Europe and for all of you living in tomorrow. Just have safe and fun celebrations! Ah yes, and Happy New Year for everyone else in whichever timezone you may be!


01 Jan 2004 by teepens