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Laws of Evil


Laws of Evil


"It's been ten long years since the slaying of the Lich-King Acerak -- yet Arch-Mage Khellek, Law Knight Blade, and Ranger Lord Jaden continue their relentless war to rid the world of the High Council of the Pentacate. Now, deep beneath the Earth, their quest will soon come to a climax -- and they will discover that there are even greater evils than the five Lich Kings."

Taking advantage of many of Myth II 1.7.2's improved mapmaking features and utilizing beautiful units based on some favorite characters and monsters from Dungeons & Dragons, Laws of Evil will raise the bar on the art of Myth Mapmaking, both visually and with game-play.

Laws of Evil, featuring a 5 level all new color-mapped mini-campaign, 18+ new units, 15 and counting new models, and new unique Evil AI scripts, boldly proclaims itself as the rightful heir to the revolutionary 2001 plug-in Throne of the Lich King and is sure to be another of Project Magma's Masterpieces.

Planned Release: Soon™

Last Updated: 3 Nov 2012


LoE Knight
LoE Ranger LoE Dwarf
LoE High Priestess LoE Mummy (Priest)
LoE Draconian LoE Mummy (Fighter)
LoE Scorpion LoE Mummy (Common)
LoE Spider LoE Skeleton
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