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About Myth 1.4.3

Note: The latest update to Myth II can be obtained here.
This page remains here for historical purposes only.

After bringing you Myth II 1.3.2, and Myth II 1.4, Project Magma, in association with MythDev, is pleased to present Myth II 1.4.3.

Myth II 1.4.3 is a minor improvement over 1.4.2 and 1.4.1 that takes care of some keyboard and mouse input problems, fixes the dwarf dropping lit bottles on hard death problem, removes the fixes to Twice Reborn, and a fixes sound playback on PC machines. Myth II 1.4.3 is not compatible with previous versions of 1.4.x.

Myth II 1.4.1, 1.4.2, and 1.4.3 include a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and a few new features over Myth II 1.4.


Myth II: v1.4.3 Auto Update Installer
Myth II: v1.4.3 Manual Installer

Myth II: v1.4.3 Auto Update Installer
Myth II: v1.4.3 Manual Installer

Change Log

Myth 1.4.3 Change Log

  1. Dwarves no longer drop lit bottles on "hard death".
  2. Sound issues on some third part maps had been corrected (Windows Only).
  3. Server and client side support for up to 16 buddies in your buddy list.
  4. Removal of modifications to solo level 24 "Twice Reborn", this fix is available as a plugin at udog hotline if you want it.
  5. Tag conflicts with existing multiplayer server patch plugins has been resolved.
  6. Support links for older versions of Mac OS (Macintosh only).
Unfortunately due to the Dwarf hard death lit bottle fix, films from 1.4 to 1.4.2 will not be replayable in 1.4.3, this was a decision made by mythdev because they felt that returning the gameplay to it's original state was more important than maintaining film compatability.

Myth 1.4.2 Change Log

  1. Automatic Installer will put the non-carbon version of Myth II v1.4.2 on all pre OS X systems. Carbon will only be used on systems running OS 10.0 or higher.
  2. Mouse-Wheel Code has been modified so that there is no more lag issues associated with it on Windows PC systems - particularly Windows 95/98. IF THIS PROBLEM PERSISTS, CHECK THE "ELIMINATE CHAT LAG" OPTION IN THE "PREFERENCES" SCREEN IN MYTH II.
  3. "Chaaat Lagg" occurance has been sharply improved in the Carbon application.

Myth 1.4.1 Change Log

  1. MacOS input method reworked, keyboard freeze bug eliminated.
  2. Input problems with carbon build on OS9 resolved (maybe).
  3. A potential though infrequent cause of chain lightning (CL) fixed
  4. F10 is now a toggle rather than only working when held down, and selecting a unit will also turn it off.
  5. A cause of crashing with OpenGL has been fixed.
  6. More pathfinding tweaks to prevent units getting stuck on impassable terrain.
  7. Widescreen displays can zoom out the proper amount now (was too close in previously).
  8. Mouse wheel will no longer deselect units if there's no presets defined.
  9. vTFL/Anticlump pathfinding code adjusted to make trow a little less clumsy walking around other units.
  10. Dwarf hero was throwing the bottle too slowly. In 1/16th speed throwing at maximum range, a TFL bottles takes about 33 seconds to land, whereas in vTFL it was taking 36 seconds. This should make cbing a little less easy.
  11. Bottle resistance to explosive damaged increased (carefully) allowing chain reactions and duff hero bottle bouncing to occur.
  12. Improved and enhanced OpenGL support.
  13. General performance enhancements
  14. In Myth II mode, the new targetting algorithm has been refined so that units given a group attack command will not be distracted as easily.
  15. Attack selection limit back to 30. No more inadventently declaring war on 6 teams.
  16. Journeymen will no longer be interrupted by enemies when on a heal mission.
  17. Units told to attack single targets will ignore all other enemies.
  18. Separate vTFL and Anticlump as options.
  19. Change double-click for melee to double-shift-click.
  20. Stopped units getting pushed onto impassable terrain
  21. Casualty sound will no longer disrupt a yell or whisper.
  22. Pathfinding bugfix for Myth II mode to prevent units moonwalking when they should be able to bypass an obstacle.
  23. Don't let server-as-observer be picked as captain by random
  24. Remove shading on chat
  25. Stop alt-tabbed crash (Windows Only)
  26. Archer walking bug fixed (again :) )
  27. Assassin scoring on Demise will now work again.
  28. Heal bug fixed
  29. Warlock ring of fire will no longer make netgame balls stick.
  30. Units legs no longer reflected above them when in neck-deep water.
  31. Willow Creek ghast bug fixed.
  32. Hunting scoring fixed.
  33. vTFL gameplay fixes.
  34. Support for 1.3 and 1.4 films has been added.
  35. Frames per second improvements for both OpenGL and Direct3D
  36. Eliminate Chat Lag option in Preferences (replaces Allow Background Tasks) is now available for both PC and MacOS.
  37. Units will pathfind around netgame balls as in 1.3 (except for in vTFL mode)
  38. Some melee targetting issues resolved.

Myth 1.4 Change Log

General Enhancements
  1. OpenGL is available in the MacOS versions.
  2. Plugins are not scanned at startup, and instead may be activated via the Plugins dialog. This applies to plugins with meshes as well as those without. Startup time is always fast, regardless of the number of plugins you have in your folder.
  3. Options lag has been fixed.
  4. Reworked Preferences screen, and new options in Preferences and Controls screens, with many options that were available in TFL but lost in m2 now available. Also, Windows users affected by chat lag can choose 'Allow Background Tasks', which makes the game run much smoother at the cost of some frames/per/second speed.
  5. Windows players can choose whether to use DirectInput or GDI methods for reading keystrokes and mouse events. Bungie's 1.3 exe used DirectInput, 1.3.2 used GDI. Both cause lag for some users so hopefully people affected with lag will find that the other method works. In DirectInput mode the mouse wheel works as zoom in/out.
  6. TFL gameplay has been painstakingly implemented in the m2 engine, and can be activated with a checkbox on the New Game and Multiplayer Options screens. If a plugin is in use that might conflict, Myth will revert to "Anticlump", using the units in the plugin but with units keeping their personal space intact.
  7. Support has been added for many more screen resolutions, up to 2048x1536, and widescreen displays are also supported.
  8. In-game chat carries over from the game to the post-game stats screen, and from there to the game lobby on restart. Whispers are visible only to you, so secrets aren't betrayed when a game ends.
  9. If there are more than 10 people in a team, the captain can detach to the 11th player by holding shift down and typing "1".
  10. Holding shift as you click the Single Player Levels button in the multiplayer options screen will show all levels.
  11. The New Game dialog has been reworked, allowing you to activate plugins in solo mode. You can also slow down to quarter speed.

Gameplay Features and Bugfixes

  1. Archer Walking bug fixed.
  2. Archer failure to change targets without being spacebarred fixed.
  3. Clicking to attack with melee units is no longer a death sentence.
  4. Water ripples are no longer visible unless you can see what's making them.
  5. When a unit is winding up to attack and you tell it to move, the attack will now do damage.
  6. Archers will lead units moving up or down a hill properly.
  7. You can now select up to 128 units at a time.
  8. Its no longer possible for journeymen to heal the ground.
  9. Netgame balls will no longer get stuck in fire, and units will no longer try to pathfind around them.
  10. Double clicking on an enemy with a group of melee units will make them concentrate on that unit.


  1. Status/Control bar can be made translucent via a Preference and Ctrl-F6 during a game.
  2. You can see your own units underwater, and their legs underwater when partially submerged. In the same way, you can see underwater scenery and projectiles, the latter if in shallow water and not of explosive type such as dud bottles.
  3. Chat is slightly shaded, making it possible to read on bright snowy or desert maps.
  4. Lightning illuminates the mesh as it passes over it.
  5. Allow Teams is available for co-op games, and the other details for co-ops are displayed in the gamedescription in the pregame lobby.
  6. The number of objects allowed in-game has been doubled from 4096 to 8192, thereby doubling the length of time a deathmatch game will go before the out-of-projectiles problem occurs.
  7. Artifacts with limited charges will remember the number of charges left, if dropped and picked up again.
  8. The stats window will be displayed after watching co-op films.
  9. The Restart button should no longer be dimmed for the host following the end of a game (happened occasionally in 1.3 when people left the game).
  10. Twice Born mesh now detaches blue units to players if two or more are playing.
  11. Cause of OOS fixed on Redemption.
  12. Ghast and Journeyman now have netgame colours set correctly.

These are some of the main features of the 1.4 upgrade, there are many more you'll notice over time as you play the game. In addition to the above, there have been many mapmaking-specific enhancements which are detailed in the separate Myth 1.4 Mapmaker's Guide. The User Guide describes all of the new functionality for Myth II 1.4 as it pertains to the end user (that's you).


Developers (in order of joining the project) Andrew Sumner (Iron Duke)
Michael Baltaks (Miggins)
Matt Morgan (Losk)
Kyle Maclean (Doobie)
Chris Dreessen (mcd)
Yotam Gingold
Paul Butcher (CIK)


Infininight (interface)
Grasshopper (sounds)

Testers (alphabetical) Some of these people put in a huge effort - we know who you are and you have our undying admiration and gratitude.

Acrappa, ActiveX, Alan, Al Capone, Apoc, Aragorn, Archangel, Blessed, Bullseye, Capital, Captain Steel, Chazo, ChrisP, Coggs, Conner, Crazy Rooster, DankRider, DeadMan, dforce, Discordia, Ducky, El Bastard, Gastropod, Gholsbane, GHOST®, GoatT, Grasshopper, Grignard, Haravikk, Kallikanzaros, Kira-kun, lank, M.B.T., Malek, Moe, Orlando the Axe, Owl Boy, ozone, PG, Pistol Pete, Prokofiev, PrplPplEater, Quartermann, Rubba, Savanarola, Scrapnjack, Shadowfax, Shaister, Shinco, Sir Archie, Skarg, StoneCold, Sublime, SuperCobra, True Peril, valgarv, woof, Zephirus