About Ghôl Rugby

Project Magma is proud to release the first original gametype for Myth:TFL, Ghôl Rugby! Having taken over 2 years in development and testing, Ghôl Rugby pushes the TFL engine to provide an entirely new style of gameplay. Not only is Ghôl Rugby a brand-new gametype, it's also the first original gametype in Myth history that is FFA-based; Expect intense 4-way Rugby action!

The object of Ghôl Rugby is to get the ball (a flaming dwarf head) into your goal. This can be done many different ways, as is explained in the "How to Play Ghôl Rugby" section. In order to win, you will need to carry, toss, shoot and blast the ball into your goal with a varieity of specialized units. Because of the many strategies you can use in Ghôl Rugby, you will find plenty of enjoyment playing solo or on a team.

As this is an original gametype, it plays very differently from the Myth you're used to. As such, we have also included a special training variant of the plugin, aptly named "Ghôl Rugby Training". This will give you a crash course on how to play and allow you to get a feel for how the units work. Although the training variant covers some very basic things about Ghôl Rugby, we still highly recommend that you check out the "How to Play Ghôl Rugby" section on this site, as it covers everything you will need to know in order to devastate any person or team that faces you. Read it carefully, it may mean the difference between a commanding performance or a laughable defeat.

At only 3.3 megs, Ghôl Rugby is also one of Project Magma's smaller plugins. Download it today and join in for some Rugby!


Original Mesh & Colormap - DeadMan
Scripting - DeadMan
Scripting Consultation - Losk
Unit Conversion - Losk
Unit, Scenery, Projectile Editing - Deadman
Pregames - Deadman and Dank Rider
Beta Testing - µDog, SJ, MIA, FoG, TC, CP and many others
Website - DeadMan
Screenshots- Coggs

It should also be noted here that the success of this plugin is almost entirely due to the amount of beta testing conducted on it by more than 50 people from the TFL community. This plugin went through 14 betas, all tested dilligently by these people:

  • Mything In Action: Evil, Big Red, Ducky Sauce, Faast, Cool Man, Badtz Maru, Scrapnjack, Owl Boy, Timballisto, Space, S'phtman, Ned Hamfist, Beerzoo, Dharmabutt
  • The Underdogs: ChrisP, Doobie, Coggs, Paco, Dank Rider, Kira-Baka, Blessed, xTrooper, Grignard, Warrior Mouse, Brave Sir Robin, Grasshopper, Ginx, UndeadEd
  • Friends of Giliath: Woof, Vulture, Giliath, Apocalypse, Sir Shaddock, Archangel, Ciyanide
  • Tank Clan: Chazo, Diomedes, Psidon, Pseudo
  • Society of the Journeyman: Father Merrin, Losk
  • Clan Plaid: Conner, Tiramisu
  • Other Clans, Independant: Oroboros, Seff, Jake, AtomBomb, Lord Ironfist, PlanetGazer, Propain, Wrath, Shaister

Myth is a trademark of Bungie Corporation. Fear and Loathing are also Bungie trademarks and they were used in part to make this plugin.

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