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Gizmo's Multiplayer Mapmaking Extravaganza

It's time for another mapmaking contest,

The rules for this contest are simple, create a multiplayer map and upload it, 1 entry per person, group projects are allowed, the myth community will vote and the winner will get uhmm... nothing... but the rest of us will get some cool new maps to play...

Click here to register...

13 Oct 2007 by Doobie

And the winner is...

The Show and Play tourny at mnet is over and as was posted at

Final scores goes:
1.) Mark 23 points
2.) Helicopter monkey pilot 22 points
3.) Ksiaze 18 points
4.) Rufus ? points
5.) Elephant ? points
6.) Adren ? points

There was 24 ppl playing in this tourney.

Congratulations to Mark!

11 Oct 2007 by Doobie

The Mariusnet Revival Tour™-nament

To help celebrate the revival or Mariusnet,they are having a Reset of all Ranks and a week long "Open" tournament.

Here's how it's going to work:

* Play in a tourney or ranked room.
* Have a minimum *eight* (8) games played to win
* No special tournament registration needed, just play 8 ranked, non-CoOp games and you are eligible to win.

The 7th highest rated player with a minimum of 8 games will be declared winner.

Play whatever gametypes on whatever maps you want, as much as you want, against whomever you want. They can be 16 person, 2 team games or just 1v1 games in a Tourney room.

As Bungie would say: "Kill your enemies, Kill your Friends, Kill your Friends Enemies".

There is a prize: $50 USD ... paid out via PayPal.
(No other payment method will be made.)
The winner must respond to email to recieve the $$$.

The MCS listed at 12:01 EDT on Thursday October 18th, 2007 is the *official* score.
Click Here for the Official MCS Scores

11 Oct 2007 by Doobie

Gimble Tournament on MariusNet

Deqlyn is hosting a Myth Tournament on

There will be a 1v1 league and a 2v2 league, for more information and to register click on their respective links below:

1v1 League

2v2 League.

Good luck and have fun!

05 Oct 2007 by Doobie

Show and Play Marius FFA Tournament Oct. 7th

Paris is hosting a Show and Play Myth Tournament on MariusNet this weekend.

For more information, check out this thread in the mnet forums.

05 Oct 2007 by Doobie

Playmyth Metaserver Shut Down.

Nitro said it pretty succinctly over at the mwc07 website:

Playmyth has finally been taken down after weeks of uncertainty. Most of the community has already moved to Marius net so if you find yourself unable to connect to PM, dont give up! Try mariusnet instead!

03 Oct 2007 by Doobie

Mariusnet v2 Launched!

The website that accompanies the mariusnet myth metaserver has been entirely revamped and relaunched. There is a brand new look, new functionality, and much more to come.

Check it out for yourselves at

22 Sep 2007 by Doobie

Good Luck Mordia

It's just come to my attention that Mordia of Bungie has been diagnosed with cancer.

This page has been put together for people to leave him messages of support. I'm sure I speak for the whole community when I say good luck Mord, I look forward to seeing you back on mariusnet/playmyth when you're feeling better.

28 Aug 2007 by Doobie

Myth World Cup 2007!

05 Jun 2007 by Doobie

Metaserver Availability

As most of you probably know, PlayMyth.Net, the community's primary metaserver suffered a breach of security and their website has been taken offline as a result. The metaserver itself is still in full working order, however, there is no means to create new accounts, have passwords resent, see who's currently online, etc.

The head admin of PlayMyth Blades has assured the community that a new website is under development and all should be well soon.

In the meantime, we would like to remind all the mythers out there (new, old, and returning), that there is a viable alternative to PlayMyth while they rebuild the website. is online and fully functional.

Happy Mything!

29 May 2007 by Doobie

The Tain & Myth II 1.6 Ship

Project Magma is proud to announce a new update of Bungie's classic addictive real-time tactical game, Myth II: Soulblighter along with The Tain a file hosting archive dedicated to the “Myth” series.

Myth II version 1.6, adds native MacOS X map making tools along with a Universal Binary for OS X. Not to be left out the Windows version received some modernization that drastically cut down startup times, allows the game to be played in a window, and shares the CPU better with other tasks.

The Tain is a moderated file hosting site for the Myth and a central site for the community to find and download plugins, updates, and tools for the entire Myth series.

So head on over to, grab Myth II 1.6, then play Myth and have fun.

08 Feb 2007 by CIK

The Onyx Warlords present: The Power of Ten Mapmaking Contest!

History has taught us that, rather than being a hindrance, contests that require a specific themed limitation on their entries often benefit all sorts of creativity, inevitably resulting in a crop of excellent and fun submissions. The challenge of this contest will be to create a great map using a limited number of unit types, the maximum being, naturally, ten.

Check out the site for more details: register on our forums and enter!

29 Jan 2007 by Doobie

MythChat Updated

MythChat by Capital has been updated to version 1.1 and can be found here

Myth Chat is a stand-alone application that requires a JVM (aka Java Virtual Machine), which allows Myth Chat to run natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Compatible Operating Systems

Myth Chat allows you to conveniently connect to MariusNET or similar server without the need to load the game. Thus, if you wish to logon to chat with friends on a myth server, Myth Chat provides a simple and easy means of doing so.

29 Jan 2007 by Doobie

Myth Vault Launched

Project Magma is proud to announce the launch of the Myth Vault, a user driven myth multimedia website.

If you've ever wanted a place to host your screenshots, videos, films, posters, or any other myth related media this site is the answer your problems.

Check it, our, browse through some of the files, and maybe even upload some of your own.

16 Jan 2007 by Doobie