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Long Awaited Plugins...

Project Magma has done a little house cleaning and finished up three co-op plugins that have been under development for a while now.

Shadow III:
A technically advanced reprise by Iron Duke of the extremely popular Shadow II for TFL. Not only can you play this Myth II 1.4 plugin in standard Myth II mode and vTFL mode, but it's been specially engineered, scripted and balance tested for the following tagsets: Special Forces, Blue & Grey, Bushido and Leggo.

The Woods Out Back:
One of two plugins that focus on the Arch-Lich Belial, this one is an outdoor search and rescue mission by Discordia, Sandman and GHOST®, which contains many stunning new units and randomized scripting for tons of replayability.

Scourge of Belial:
A favorite amongst Magma testers who couldn't get enough of this extremely fun and addictive dungeon crawl designed and scripted by GHOST® and set on a colormap by Phish. Huge battles, deadly traps and random puzzles await as you strive to get ever deeper into Belial's lair for the final confrontation.

18 Dec 2003 by Doobie

Dol Baran updated

v2.1 has been released and is available HERE both as a full download and a Plugin Patcher update for those who already have v2.

This version was necessitated by fixing a rare though annoying scripting bug that could break the solo level right near the end (heartbreaking after all that effort). We also took the opportunity to enhance the Special Forces multiplayer mesh, with corner starts to make for more interesting strategies.

If you have v2, please update as its not a huge download. If you don't have Dol Baran yet, well ... get it!

12 Dec 2003 by IronDuke

Copyright Issue Clarified

Just a quick note to say that the allegations of copyright infringement relating to the Fallen Levels have been found to be totally without substance. Not only that, but we have permission, nay, approval for distributing the plugin. So download, kill thrall, and be merry :)

10 Dec 2003 by IronDuke

New Project In Development

ProjectMagma is pleased to present another project under development for Myth II 1.4.x: The Woods out Back.

The Woods out Back takes advantage of 1.4.x`s new mapmaking features, and also features 11 all new units, some new attacks, new special FX, randomization depending on difficulty settings, and destructible trees to compliment its quest style of gameplay.

We hope to be able to release this and Scourge of Belial in the very near future.

09 Dec 2003 by Doobie

ProjectMagma.Net is Back Online! Is back online!

Our hosting was pulled out from under us as a result of the efforts of Michael "Blades" Bagnall who issued false accusations of copyright infringement and being a hate based website to the people who were kind enough to provide us with a home up until now.

But no matter, we're now on our new server and are in a position to offer more services than ever before. Expect to see some great developments here within the upcoming weeks.

P.S. Hosting doesn't come cheap, so if anyone is interested in contributing to the hosting fund, please get in touch with me.

09 Dec 2003 by Doobie

Dol Baran v2 has been Released!

Dol Baran was originally released by Sandman and IronDuke for both Myth TFL and Myth II SB. The Myth II version included lots of touches to make for a very TFL-like experience.

Dol Baran v2 was made with Myth II 1.4.x in mind so that it can now make use of the built in vTFL feature which means it can now be played in vTFL, Anti-Clump and Myth II styles of gameplay.

This latest incarnation of Dol Baran also features a new solo/co-op, three 5-start FFAs, two large 2-team meshes and a 2 team Special Forces mesh featuring some of the gameplay of the upcoming Special Forces v2 plus a new VC Sniper unit.

Happy Downloading,

30 Nov 2003 by Doobie

3rd Party Plugins Page Updated & a New Project!

We've just added Khellek's "Throne of the Lich King" to our 3rd Party Plugins page (under downloads). This classic is deffinately a must have, and makes for a nice change of pace from classic Myth-style gameplay.

Also, there's a new project spearheaded by GHOST® under development which we hope to release soon. Check out the new Scourge of Belial page for details.

30 Nov 2003 by Doobie

New Page for Old Plugins

We just added a new page under our downloads section called 3rd Party Plugins, where you'll be able to find some of the projects that magma members did before they joined magma.

Happy Downloading

09 Nov 2003 by Doobie

A Mill Stand-In?

As most of you know by know The Mill is closing it's doors. Certainly this makes things more difficult for the myth commununity, but all is not lost.

Some of you already know about uDog Hotline (, but I figure there are at least just as many of you that don't. It has over 4.4 gigabytes of myth related material and because some very talented map makers hang out there, it also happens to be a great map making resource.

I won't pretend like it's any kind of mill replacement, it doesn't have quite as much content or any of the meta-content like ratings, descriptions etc, and the bandwidth limitations might even be a little bit worse, but it's something. And everyone is welcome to make use of it.

For those of you that aren't familiar with hotline, it's a client-server system that supports resumable file transfers, news, and chat. You can download a hotline client at the uDog Hotline Website

Hope to see you there,

25 Oct 2003 by Doobie

If you thought we were not doing enough...

...we're making a scripting guide!

That's right, along with GHOST, I am creating an extension scriptor's guide. It will go through and describe many (if not all) of Myth's Mapactions and also describe how to use them in certain ways. 1.4's new scripting features will be included, and the secrets behind how to work the almighty Munger shall also be unveiled.

This guide is expected to be finished before the end of this year.

24 Oct 2003 by teepens

Dol Baran v2, Shadow III, and Ultimate Team Battles Unveiled!

ProjectMagma is proud to announce the unveiling of our newest projects in development; Shadow III, Dol Baran v2, and Ultimate Team Battles.

Shadow III is a port of the magma classic Shadow II to Myth II 1.4.

Dol Baran v2 is a remake of the original with new solo/coop and multiplayer meshes as well as added compatability with vTFL.

Ultimate Team Battles is a plugin designed with big games in mind.

All three of these plugins are coming along nicely and we expect some releases in the near future, so check back soon.

18 Oct 2003 by Doobie

uDog Hotline is Back Up

For those of you who noticed, uDog Hotline was down for about one day there while we did some long overdue maintenance.

Well, it's back up now, and one step closer to it's new home on a FreeBSD machine. Once all is said and done, we hope to offer a lot more in the way of functionality.

If you aren't familiar with hotline, or uDog Hotline in particular, check out the uDog Hotline website. It's not much to look at it, but it has the necessary files ready for download, as well as a short description of what it's all about.

Thanks for your patience,

08 Oct 2003 by Doobie

Plugin Patcher updates for B&G and Fallen Levels

Some people were having problems running the update programs for v2 of both Blue & Grey and The Fallen Levels under MacOS 9. To remedy this we've now made available updates that use Vista's Plugin Patcher. Visit the Download section here for links to these files, and the Mill ( for the Plugin Patcher program.

30 Sep 2003 by IronDuke

The Fallen Levels and Blue & Grey Re-released

We're happy to announce an update to two of our recent releases - The Fallen Levels; our port of the Myth TFL soloplayer levels to Myth II 1.4.x, and Blue & Grey, a civil war total conversion. Both have received enhancements as the result of user feedback and are now considered to be final.

For those who already have these plugins, we are distributing a very small download that quickly & painlessly updates to the new version. If you haven't gotten into these creations yet, there's no time like the present!

26 Sep 2003 by Doobie

New News Page!

Welcome to the new Project Magma News page, we'll be using this page to announce anything and everything from project releases, to unveilings, to important community news, and more.

If you have some information you think ought to to be shared with the myth community, by all means, use the link above to submit some news.

25 Sep 2003 by Doobie

Test Post

Is this thing on?

25 Sep 2003 by Doobie