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Valley of Despair Released
At long last, Project Magma is proud to announce the release of the Valley of Despair SoLo-CooPerative map by GHOST®.

Valley of Despair is a total update of The Journey Continues, the very first map GHOST® created and released back in August of 2000. It has since, on and off over the past 5 years, been completely redone, with single minded determination to make VoD everything and more than was originally accomplished in TJC.

Over this time, Myth II itself has undergone updates, feature additions, and the opening of new map-making possibilities. GHOST® has done his very best to make use of as many of the features Myth II 1.7.2 provides, while still retaining his overall vision for this map.

So, without further ado . . .

What is included in this plugin:

Valley of Despair
Desperate Measures
The Gauntlet
A Bridge Too Far
and . .
Stair of Grief (hi-res)

Valley of Despair
This is the original Bad Boy, and it is one-long-haul from start to finish. While it is possible to beat this map playing SoLo, it realistically is more of a CooP map. So, unless you're a masochist, grab some friends to help out and see if together, you can destroy the Duergarr Knot in less than 3 hours on Legendary. We think you will find it to be quite challenging.

Desperate Measures - The Gauntlet - A Bridge Too Far
Intended more for SoLo playing, these maps are Valley of Despair divided into 3, more manageable, legs of the same journey. The ONLY differences between these maps and Valley of Despair is that at the start of each level, you will begin where the previous level had ended. You will retain your veterans and their experience, as well as renewed health, ammo, and mana. You will also get back any units lost in the previous level, minus their experience and vet status of course.

Stair of Grief (hi-res)
Iron Duke's higher resolution units with Myth II's new detail textures feature, both together on The Stair of Grief, help this map become a surprisingly fresh playing experience.

And, just in case that doesn't excite you enough to go dig out your dusty Myth CD , then consider the following bonus . . .

To compliment this momentous release, GHOST® and Pyro have put together the Valley of Despair - Interface plugin for those of us who like to change the look of Myth every now and again. Both plugins function independently, but combined, they compliment each other very well indeed. So choose your poison, download it, and let's get some Myth on !!
10 Sep 2012 by Pyro

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